Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Turn In Tracker!!

My sweet darlings have a BAD habit of turning their work into their DESK! Not the turn in basket! And of course PINTEREST came to the rescue! I saw a couple different turn in ideas and then merged a few and this is what I came up with!

I used some digital scrapbook materials to "jazz" it up! :) I hope you can use it! Enjoy!

You can get the printable version below:



  1. Valerie,
    I love your Turn in Tracker sign!!!! I was curious if you could change the last line to state "turn in your paper in the correct bin"? I would great appreciate if you could. I love the sign and feel it would be very beneficial in my classroom. Thanks


    1. Hello Victoria! I will see what I can do! :) I have lost a lot of files due to a "computer complete meltdown" LOL But I may have a editable copy on a flash drive somewhere. I will see what I can come up with. :)

    2. I would also like an editable version of this sign. If you find it, could you please email it to me?

  2. Thanks for making this downloadable! Definitely is a great idea that my students will be getting used to this year :)

  3. Hi, I was trying to download copies Turn-in Tracker and Tattle Monster; however, when documents come up I do not get the print button so I am not able to print. Am I doing something wrong when I click on download?
    Thanks ... these documents are adorable!