Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snowglobe Graphic Organizers are BACK!

Hello Teacher Friends!

I am sorry, with the new changes to Google Docs (now Google Drive) my snowglobe graphic organizers are stuck in cyber land somewhere. So I have uploaded them to my TpT Store for FREE.

I hope (when time allows) in the future I can clean them up and add to them, but for now I do not have the time. I made them spur of the moment last year and have learned a lot since then, so they need a lil touch-up, BUT I've had such a great influx of emails requesting copies that I couldn't say no. :) I hope you enjoy them and are still able to use them (minus their shabbyness)!

Check out my blog post from last year and what my class did as part of publishing their writing!! SO CUTE!!

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